Our mission is to educate and empower any individual to invest in equity crowdfunding opportunities as the new SEC rules take effect by matching them with quality platforms and companies. We specialize in real-time high-quality investor referrals for both accredited and non-accredited investors and provide services for a wide range of clients from technology to real estate to private equity firms and broker dealers.

Regulation A+ Client Testimonial:

"CrowdFunnel is hands-down the most experienced investor referral firm in both the crowdfunding and private placement markets. Unlike many other firms we have worked with, CrowdFunnel has deep industry ties, extensive knowledge of the space and performed exceptionally well for our Regulation A+ offering. The leadership team is filled with veterans and thought-leaders who saved us both time and resources. CrowdFunnel's experience, network and integrity set them apart in an industry filled with novice firms."

“Why should only rich people investing in hedge funds and venture capital firms and angel investors be allowed to get in on the future Ubers of the world?” —CNBC.com

New regulations now allow individuals to own shares in the same startups as the biggest investors in the world.

CrowdFunnel's relationships with the leading equity crowdfunding platforms, representing thousands of investment opportunities for individual investors like yourself in areas ranging from real estate to technology startups to consumer goods.