Guide to Converting Leads with Phone Numbers

A number of clients, both platforms and individual issuers always ask about best practices for converting “Warm Referrals.” As all of our referrals are real-time and not generated from previously existing “lists,” having a protocol for contacting and converting referrals is as important as the timeliness of first contact.

Our Guide to Converting Leads graphic is an example of conversion techniques that have worked on our most successful campaigns, specifically for accredited investors. The 48-hour process is designed for clients with the capacity to call referrals, as all leads generated for accredited investors by CrowdFunnel include a phone number.  Being 100% permission-based, the user is expecting a call and first contact should be established immediately.

For email acquisition campaigns on behalf of our clients, CrowdFunnel has a dedicated best practices process for conversion from referral to investor which is published in a separate infographic.